How to Live a Beautiful Life in USA

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How to Live a Beautiful Life in USA

The art of living the beautiful is an invitation to know yourself without exception. Otherwise, we are at the mercy of external events that disrupt the foundations of our inner life.

Knowing oneself means conforming to our authentic nature. Sadly, many people rarely discover how complicated their emotional formation can be until it is too late.

The life of beauty arises when we move beyond our fixed reality and dare to explore the life we ​​dream of. It means living without fear, behind the walls of a comfortable existence.

Living a beautiful life means turning states that are unable to power into positive life experiences.

Life's events can frighten us and leave us vulnerable. Apparently, we stop taking risks for fear of getting hurt. Although it is cosmopolitan, the drawback is the retreat without access to the treasures we crave.

Albert Einstein, the greatest mind of our century, said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is mystery. It is the source of all true art and science."

I urge you to explore that feeling with confidence in the mystery where the seeds of opportunity lie.

Life is hardly predictable. Like a torrential downpour on a sweltering night, upon change, it can leave a deluge of uncertainty in its wake.

For this reason, consider your problems a tempting adventure rather than a melting pot of frustration. During a challenge, a change in perception allows you to appreciate difficult moments of character development. We should be mindful of these opportunities as they arise, rather than compromising on life devoid of great moments.

Most of the people struggle for happiness. Bookshelves are filled with tips that reveal the secret to achieving happiness in thirty days or less. However, research shows that we are less happy than we were in the past. Technology may be blamed for creating insincere connections and devoid of social interactions.

Being in the service of others is a way out of the trap of unhappiness. It is not a temporary practice either, but rather an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves.

“Like the Dalai Lama and Buddha himself, many contemporary scholars and philosophers agree that serving others is the secret of happiness, loyalty, and a good and beautiful life,” Lama Surya Das emphasizes in The Big Questions: How to find your own answers to life’s fundamental secrets.

Obviously, we know that happiness is not linked to owning the latest smartphone or sports car. While the advice is clear, many people fill their void by stacking material things. This creates more desires and if we have limited financial resources, it creates more pain and suffering.

I assure you, nothing physical will complete you more than what lies deep in your soul.

Living beautifully means living according to our highest values. By doing this, we form meaningful bonds with others that enrich our lives.

Likewise, we must avoid seeing life as a series of daily routines and events that pass in the blink of an eye. If we subscribe to this wrong thinking, we succumb to the monotony of living on Groundhog Day.

Miracles happen before our eyes. We miss them because we're speeding closer to our next event or trying to meet deadlines. It was the late Dr. Wayne Dyer who said: "Miracles come in moments. Be prepared and willing." Miracles cannot be experienced by analyzing the past or the future, because they will pass you by like a high-speed train if you are not aware of it.

So, break away from processing thoughts for a moment and turn to your heart, the source of all wisdom as your soul calls home.

Likewise, the beautiful life invites us to learn what is of value to us. One way to experience beauty is to stop, listen, and connect with our surroundings. This means slowing down the pace of life instead of running like the crazy babysitter in Alice in Wonderland, hoping to get everything done and achieve a little.

Being present in the moment is a challenge because life leads us in different directions. Before long we give in to outside forces, instead of sticking to our inner blueprint.

We must relax and get rid of unnecessary stressors that are not related to our long-term happiness. The unwanted stress affects our ability to enjoy life because we are reacting to events, rather than letting them run into our lives. Imagine a boxer backed by ropes, fighting the punches of his opponent. He cannot move in an attacking position because he is stationary while standing.

Life can have this effect on us because we are pushed and drawn to our limits and retreat into giving up. Sure, the next blow comes stronger than before, and if our guard fell, we fell to the ground with more force than before.

I'd like to leave you with a quote from the epic movie Braveheart where William Wallace told Princess of Wales, "Every man dies, and not every man truly lives."

Living a beautiful life is an invitation to live with passion while you can.